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Test de nivel de inglés

Antes de comenzar tus clases de inglés, es muy importante evaluar tus conocimientos de la lengua de William Shakespeare a través de este test de nivel de inglés de dificultad progresiva. Las preguntas no contestadas, puntúan como erróneas.

1. ________ this week? No ,she’s on holiday.

2. ________ speak italian?

3. ________ she like tennis?

4. What time is it ? It’s ________ past four.

5. This film is very good but the other one is even _______

6. If he doesn’t find a job he will _______ leave our city.

7. He comes from a very well-to-do family so he has been used to ________ in his own pool.

8. I know I should not have done it. Now I regret _________ it but it is too late.

9. All my money ________ by the burglars.

10. Shakespeare __________ Hamlet

11. He seemed to be interested ________ the work I was doing.

12. She ________ in the armchair

13. I ‘ve got something ________

14. I __________ 500 $ so far.

15. He is offering a _________ of $ 100 to anyone who finds his dog

16. I would like to know if I could have a ________ with your sister.

17. She seems to be ________ .That is because she has failed her exams.

18. I wonder how she could _______ to carry this heavy parcel by herself.

19. He is a very ________ driver , that is why he has not had an accident so far.

20. It could not have been a murder. The man must have committed a _________

21. This cake is delicious. Who gave you the ________ for it ?

22. Do not believe him ! He is _________ your leg.

23. I do not mind coming to your office tomorrow. I _________ on Saturdays.

24. I saw ________ at the party. He said you worked together.

25. One should always help __________ friends.

26. If he refused to do it twice there is no point ________ again.

27. As far as I know there is only one film on T.V. this evening. I wish there ____ more.

28. All people suffering _________ poverty were promised some help.

29. You have taken ________ golf classes. Is it true ?

30. I suggest _________ there next Sunday

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